World Day of Safety and Health at Work 28 April

Today World Safety Day. The safety of agricultural drone operations is not only important to the healthy development of the UAV industry, but also to the sustainable development of agriculture and the safety of the ecological environment. To this end, we’re outlining these guidelines:

1 Agriculture drone pilots must complete their flight training and be certified to work.

2 Agriculture drone operators should comply with laws, regulations, and standards around agricultural aviation and plant protection.

3 Agriculture drone operators should:

– Master the scientific and safe use of pesticides.

– Avoid the impact of droplet drift on surrounding non-target crops, pollinating insects, and the ecological environment.  

–  Use personal protective equipment.

– Recycle and dispose of pesticide package pesticides, and not use prohibited, restricted, counterfeit, or inferior pesticides;

4 Agriculture drone operators should have safety awareness, avoid non-crop dusting flying operations; choose a safe take-off and landing location, and not fly over roads or downtown areas;

5 Companies should abide by laws and regulations, carry out manufacturing, sales, after-sales, and training in accordance with standards, and guide users to comply with flight safety regulations.

6 Companies should align with customers’ interests, maintain positive industry images, embrace social responsibilities, and contribute to sustainable agricultural development.