DJI Agras Projection Point Vs. Break Point

When an Agras sprayer drone (such as an Agras T30 or T10) is spraying a field in an automatic spray mission mode, the pilot can pause the operation by pressing the pause button on the Agras T30 remote controller or moving the right stick of the remote controller in any direction.

While the operation is paused, the pilot can manually move the drone, and this feature is helpful when the pilot wants to go around a fixed obstacle in the automatic field that was not pre-programmed in the automatic spray mission.

If the pilot wants to continue the spray operation, s/he can click on the continue button on the bottom right corner of the remote controller's screen. When the pilot clicks on the continue button, s/he has the option to choose the Break Point or projection point. If s/he chooses the Break Point, the drone will go back to the point that the drone pilot paused the operation. If s/he chooses the Projection Point, there are multiple options to choose that we explain below:

Possible Projection Points:

  1. Project point one is a more convenient function for pilots to avoid nearby obstacles.
  2. Aircraft will fly directly to the project point at the horizontal route. This point is adaptable when there is a row of obstacles.
  3. The aircraft will fly to the project point of the next path, ignoring the top of the path. The point is adaptable when the entire top end cannot be sprayed.

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