Why are the DJI Agras drones the best sprayer drones in the market?

In short, the DJI Agras drones such as Agras T20, Agras T16, and Agras MG-1P are supported by DJI and dealers worldwide. The support for new technology is what early adopters need. Let’s say you buy an agricultural drone. Do you want to buy it from a company that you are not sure it will survive, or you want to buy it from the largest drone manufacturer in the world? For example, at Talos Drones, we are always learning about new features that the DJI Agras series have and notify our customers or train them on these features. 



DJI has the most reliable drones in the market; more than 50,000 Agras series drones were sold by the end of 2019 globally that is a huge number because DJI released the first crop-spraying drone in 2015. This number shows that these drones work as they should, but they are also reliable.