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 Phantom 4 RTK

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  • RTK Module
  • Max Speed of 36 mph
  • Up to  30 minutes of Flight Time


An excellent tool for surveyors

DJI Phantom 4RTK, when used with a D-RTK antenna or NTRIP RTK signal, will provide centimeter-level accuracy on 3D maps.

You can cover between 30 to 40 acres in a single flight.

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RTK Module

Buy DJI Phantom 4 RTK that has a DJI RTK module integrated into it. This RTK module located on top of the DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone works as an RTK receiver. You will be able to provide the RTK signal to the drone with either the DJI D-RTK 2 Mobile Station or NTRIP that stands for Network Transport of RTCM with Internet Protocol. The remote controller of the Phantom 4 RTK can connect to the internet either by wifi (you can use your cellphones hotspot as wifi) or by directly inserting a 4G sim card with the help of a dongle.

You can still use the Phantom 4 RTK drone without an RTK signal since the drone can switch to GNSS mode if the RTK signal is not available.


Phantom 4 RTk module


7KM HD transmission range

The HD video transmitting of up to 7 KM helps you map larger sites without the need to move your base station.

Remote controller with a built-in screen

The default remote controller of the DJI Phantom 4 RTK has a built-in screen and a replaceable battery compartment. This way, you do not need to connect your controller to the charger and wait for it to operate again. You can have a backup battery and replace it when required. Thanks to the built-in screen, you do not need to rely on your phone battery since you no longer need a phone to pull up a DJI app to create missions or fly your drone.


3rd Party apps

With the SDK Remote Controller's help, you will have access to a wide range of 3rd party apps.

Accurate imaging

When you buy a DJI phantom RTK, you will have access to a 1-inch and 20-megapixel CMOS sensor. With the Mechanical shutter, the Phantom 4 RTK does not need to stop to take pictures, and it takes all the photos while flying at a defined speed without any reduction in the picture quality. The high resolution of the images taken by Phantom 4 RTK makes it possible to have a ground sample distance (GSD) of 2.74 cm when flying 100m above ground.



The TimeSync system aligns the RTK module, flight controller, and camera. This system assigns accurate metadata and positioning data to each photo to achieve the 2D and 3D maps' centimeter-level accuracy.

Agricultural Use

You can create a 3D map with the help of Phantom 4 RTK and DJI Terra software. You will use this 3D map to create auto spraying missions for the Agras series drones such as T20. This method is necessary when you would like to spray an orchard at a low altitude to utilize the wind created by the sprayer drones' props to penetrate the tree and get full coverage of the canopy.




How do you provide an RTK signal to the Phantom 4 RTK?

There are two methods to provide an RTK signal to the Phantom 4 RTK.

    1. Connecting the DJI D-RTK 2 Mobile Station to the Phantom 4 RTK.

    1. Entering the NTRIP information and connecting to an RTK tower.

Does the drone automatically take the required pictures to create a 2D or 3D map?

Yes, after creating a mission on the remote controller of the Phantom 4 RTK with adding waypoints, you will invoke that mission, and the drone takes off, flies the task, and returns to the home point and lands.

Does the Phantom 4 RTK's remote controller come with a built-in screen?

Yes, the P4R remote controller has a built-in screen.

Can I fly the Phantom 4 RTK without RTK signal?

Yes, you can switch off the RTK capability in the setting and fly on GNSS mode with GPS help.

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