DJI Agras T20P Sprayer Drone

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DJI Agras T20P Sprayer Drone

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  • 7m (22.97 ft) spray width
  • Field operation efficiency of 11 ha/ Flight Hour (27 acres/ Flight Hour)
  • Orchard operation efficiency of 2.67 ha/hour (6.6 acres/Flight Hour)
  • Spreading efficiency of 1 ton/ Flight Hour
  • Unmatched Efficiency and Performance


The DJI Agras T20P is the latest and most advanced model in the Agras series (released in 2023), offering significant improvements over its predecessor, the DJI Agras T20. This lightweight and agile drone boasts a 20-liter (5.28 gallons) spray tank and a 25 kg (55 lbs) spreader with a 35 L (9.25 gallons) volume, making it perfect for various agricultural applications.

Efficient Operation and Unmatched Performance

With a 7m (22.96 ft) spray width, the DJI Agras T20P achieves an impressive field operation efficiency of 12 ha/hour (29.65 acres/hour), the orchard operation efficiency of 2.67 ha/hour (6.6 acres/hour), and spreading efficiency of 1 tonne/hour (1.1 tons/hour). These efficiencies are made possible by the powerful Dual Atomized Spraying System, DJI Terra, Active Phased Array Radar, and Binocular Vision, which enable the drone to support multiple operations from surveying and mapping to spraying and spreading with optimal performance.

Advanced Technology for Improved Functionality

The T20P comes equipped with dual atomized centrifugal nozzles that produce evenly sized droplets, ensuring better coverage and penetration of chemicals into crops, ultimately preventing clogging. You can even change the droplet size remotely using the controller, allowing you to adapt to various crop types and conditions. The drone's magnetic drive impeller pump separates the pump motors from the chemicals being pumped, preventing corrosion and extending the life of the equipment.

Enhanced Flight Safety

The DJI Agras T20P features obstacle avoidance with Active Phased Array Radar and Binocular Vision, which enable it to detect and avoid obstacles in real-time. The 360° omnidirectional obstacle sensing, combined with intelligent terrain following, ensures that the drone can safely navigate complex environments. The radar detection range reaches up to 50 m (164 ft), and the 3D terrain following provides smooth flight over varying landscapes, reducing the risk of accidents and crop damage.

User-friendly Large-screen Controller

Easily map out 6.67 hectares (16.48 acres) in just 10 minutes with the 7-inch bright large screen and octa-core processor. Intelligent flight path planning helps avoid overloading or underloading, ensuring optimal application rates for various agricultural tasks. The controller's intuitive interface enables smoother operation, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Superior Dispense Rate and Innovative

Design The T20P offers a 12 L/min (3.17 gal/min) dispense rate with its magnetic drive design, preventing chemical corrosion and ensuring a consistent and precise application. Dual atomized centrifugal sprinklers ensure even spraying, while the proprietary centrifugal valve prevents leakage, reducing waste and potential environmental impacts. Real-time monitoring of pesticide levels helps estimate when a reload is needed, optimizing workflow and reducing downtime.

Versatile and Perfect for Surveying or Spraying

The drone is equipped with an FPV ultra-HD 12MP camera and adjustable gimbal angles for real-time data acquisition, providing valuable insights for crop management and decision-making. It can also perform map reconstruction without a full internet connection, making it ideal for use in remote areas. The drone's advanced technology automatically detects boundaries and obstacles, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Energy-efficient and Fast Charging

The DJI Agras T20P features a 6kW variable-frequency multifunctional generator, which optimizes energy use while maintaining performance. The detachable charging module can be connected to utility power for added convenience, and the 13,000 mAh Intelligent

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