Buy DJI Agras T16 Sprayer Drone (Ready to Fly Bundle)

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  • IncludesBatteries and 1 Charger

  • Includes Training

  • DJI Terra Software

  • Fully Assembled

  • Obstacle Avoidance System

  • 16 Liter Tank



The DJI Agras T16 drone ready to fly bundle includes the T16 drone, 4 batteries, and 1 charger. Our experts are ready 24/7 to support you before and after purchasing this drone. The DJI Agras T16 was released in the USA in November 2019. We are proud to say that Talos Drones is the first DJI dealer on the west coast to provide DJI Agras T16 Drone Price in the United States.

Heavy Duty DJI Agras T16 Agricultural Drone.

The T16 spray tank can carry up to 16 L (4.22 Gallons). It has a swath of 6.5 m (22 ft). The spraying system has 4 diaphragm pumps and 8 TeeJet Nozzles. The Agras T16 can spray 24.7 acres (10 hectares)  per hour. The spraying system also has an electromagnetic flowmeter, providing higher accuracy and stability than standard flow meters.

User-Friendly Operation System

The Agras T16 has a user-friendly app, and the user does not need any previous knowledge of drones to learn how to operate this drone. After purchasing this drone from Talos Drones, you are qualified to receive on-site training to learn how to operate the DJI AGRAS T16 SPRAYER DRONE. For further questions, please contact our agents by clicking here

New Swappable Spray Tank and Battery Design.

The all-new modular design of the DJI Agras T16 simplifies assembly and accelerates daily maintenance. An IP67 rating provides reliable protection for key components of the drone. Light yet durable airframe is made of carbon fiber composites and can be quickly folded to 25% of its original size, making it easy for transportation. Both the battery and the spray tank are easily swappable, significantly improving power and liquid supply efficiency.

Centimeter Level Accuracy with RTK Capability.

The all-new modular aerial-electronics system in the T16 has dual IMUs and barometers and adopts a propulsion signal redundancy design to ensure flight safety. The GNSS plus RTK dual-redundancy system supports centimeter-level positioning. It also supports dual-antenna technology that provides strong resistance against magnetic interference.

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance Radar.

The T16’s upgraded radar system can sense the operating environment during the day or at night. The new radar is immune to light and dust. It has greatly improved flight safety with forwarding and backward obstacle avoidance and a horizontal field of view of 100°. It can also detect a slope's angle and adjust to the altitude automatically, even in mountainous terrain. This innovative radar system adopts Digital Beam Forming technology, which supports 3D point cloud imaging that effectively senses the environment and circumventing obstacles.

Long Range Remote Controller and FPV Camera.

The DJI T16 supports OcuSync 2.0 HD transmission technology, extending its control range to up to 3 km (1.86 miles). It also has a wide-angle FPV camera and nightlight that can monitor aircraft operation during the day and at night to ensure flight safety.

Compatible with any farm size and condition.

The T16 provides different modes for flat ground, mountains, and orchards, to meet most operational needs. Up to five T16 aircraft can be controlled by a single T16 remote controller simultaneously, doubling single-pilot operation efficiency.

2600W 4-Channel Intelligent Battery Charger

Up to four batteries can be charged simultaneously. When using the single-channel quick charging mode, a full charge only takes 20 minutes. There is a 50% increase in speed from the previous generation. The charger also has a built-in battery health management system that monitors critical data in real-time, such as voltage and temperature, to ensure charging safety.

T16 Intelligent Flight Battery

The T16 Intelligent Flight Battery has a capacity of 17,500 mAh and a 14S high voltage system that reduces power consumption. It is designed with an IP54-rated all-metal housing, and heat dissipation efficiency has increased by 140% from the previous generation. Supported by cell-balancing technology, the battery has an increased charging cycle of up to 400, 100% higher than the previous generation, significantly reducing operating costs. Call us up to inquire the DJI Agras T16 price.



What is the maximum speed of the DJI Agras T16 drone?

The DJI Agras T16 drone's maximum speed is 22.36 miles per hour, and the maximum operational speed is 15.66 mph while spraying chemicals.

What is the swath or the spray width of the DJI Agras T16 drone?

The swath or spray width of the DJI Agras T16 drone is 22 ft when spraying at 7 ft above the vegetation.

Can one pilot with one controller control more than one DJI Agras T16 drone?

Yes, you can control up to five DJI Agras T16 drones with one controller. For example, if you want to swarm 90 acres with three DJI Agras T16 drones, you divide your farm into 3 sections on the controller's screen and assign each section to a drone. Then you will define how much chemicals you want to spray per acre and press start. The drones will operate automatically and come back automatically when they are out of chemicals. You can also manually control one drone while the other two are continuing their spraying operations.

How can the pilot use the RTK capability of the DJI Agras T16 drone?

The drone pilot can use the drone's RTK capability by providing an RTK signal with a D-RTK 2 Mobile Station or getting access to an NTRIP tower data. For example, in California, you can use the CRTN towers.

How many acres can a DJI Agras T16 drone cover in 1 hour?

If you spray 2 to 3 gallons of chemicals per acre, you will be able to cover 20 - 25 acres in one hour with one DJI Agras T16 drone.

Does the DJI Agras T16 drone have the orchard mode?

Yes, the DJI Agras T16 drone can spray orchards with the DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone that does the mapping and surveying of the field first and creates a 3D map of the field with DJI Terra software. You can create accurate spot spraying or tree spraying missions for the DJI Agras T16 drone on the same Terra software. This is an easy process that can we can teach you how to do it at Talos Drones.

Does the DJI Agras T16 drone come back to the landing area automatically?

Yes, the Agras T16 has the RTH (Return to Home). The drone can come back to the landing area when you run out of chemicals or complete the operation. It can also return home when the signal is lost between the controller and the drone. The DJI Agras T16 drone is set to hover at the end of the mentioned functions, but you can easily change that to RTH on the controller. You can contact us at Talos Drones if you have any questions about that.

What types of nozzles come with the DJI Agras T16 drone?

There are 8 TeeJet 11001VS (orange) nozzles that come with the drone, but the drone is compatible with the TeeJet 1100015VS (green) nozzles. You must calibrate the flow meter and the pumps when you change nozzles by going to the controller and pressing calibrate flow meter (takes 25 seconds) and calibrate pumps (it can take up to 8 minutes). To calibrate the pumps, you need to fill up the tank with water first.

Does the Agras T16 have obstacle avoidance?

Yes, the Agras T16 has an obstacle avoidance for the obstacles in front and behind the drone. When approaching an obstacle, the drone stops 13 ft away from it and does not move towards it. Please pay attention that the obstacle avoidance radar does not sense the obstacles on the left or right.


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