DJI Agras MG-1P (RTK) Sprayer Drone

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  • Obstacle Avoidance System

  • 10 Liter Tank


DJI AGRAS MG-1P SPRAYER DRONE. The DJI MG-1P (RTK) drone can fly automatically. This drone is much faster than conventional methods, such as using a tractor or workers to spray pesticides. Also, One person can operate five drones simultaneously. We highly recommend you review the manual to operate safely.

You can find the specifications of DJI  MG-1P (RTK) here.

Set up and an assembly video of DJI  MG-1S is here.

After purchasing this drone, you are qualified to receive on-site training to learn how to operate the DJI AGRAS MG-1P SPRAYER DRONE. For further questions, please contact our agents by clicking here.

Please contact us for bulk pricing.


Flight Performance

Stable, Reliable, and Worry-Free

MG-1P Series Agriculture Drones employ advanced propulsion and control algorithms with eight rotors to ensure flight safety, even if one arm or motor breaks during flight. The motor drive system features a redundant communication mechanism that allows the system to reroute control signals during operation if necessary.

FPV Camera

Safety with Vision

MG-1P series drones are equipped with 123° FOV wide-angle cameras that transmit clear, front-facing live views. For long-distance operation, the remote controller’s built-in display indicates obstacle avoidance information to ensure safety. With the FPV camera feed's help, users can effortlessly record A/B points or waypoints, increasing work accuracy and efficiency.

Multi-Aircraft Control Mode

Doubled Efficiency and Control Range

A single MG-1P controller can simultaneously control up to five MG-1P aircraft, doubling single-pilot operations' efficiency. This new intelligent remote controller extends the control range to up to 3 km[1] and supports high-resolution video transmission within that range, ensuring flight safety. The new remote controller also supports 4G wireless communications, an interchangeable battery, and a new antenna design, providing even more convenience for daily operations.

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